Our School Story


Robert J. Tait Elementary is a vibrant Kindergarten to Grade 7 school in the very north central part of Richmond. Our geographic location is one of the things that really sets us apart. We are located between Bridgeport, River, Number 4 and Shell Roads. Highway 99, the Fraser River, and local business and industry also help define the borders of our community. Being 4 Kms from our feeder high school, Cambie Secondary, adds to our unique culture.


But what really defines us as a community are the people. A broad range of ethnicities make up the families/students at Tait. We literally have families who originate from all over the world providing us with a rich and diverse student population. This fusion of cultures provides us with so many opportunities to learn from each other and find common values. The wonderful group of educators that we have here at Tait endeavor every day to help our students find their own, as well as a common, sense of identity. As educators we realize that it is our responsibility to be proactive in aiding the young people in our care to develop their personal and cultural identities and social responsibilities. So in the spring of 2016 our staff began the process of collectively asking ourselves:

How do you define the values you would like your students to identify, develop and internalize in a community of such amazing cultural diversity?