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"Our commitment is to provide the best possible learning opportunities for each individual within a safe and caring community."

Spring Break Until March 27th!

Wishng all Tait families a fun, safe and rejuvenating Sprink Break. School will be back in session on Monday, March 27th. See you then!

Check Out Our New Tait Acronym!

Over the past year we have been in the process of creating a new Acronym and Social Resonsibility Matrix for our school. Based on our core values, our focus on social emotional...

A Good Start = Better Learning

Our school's New Year's resolution is to have all students arrive each morning with enough time to get a good start to the school day. Ideally, students should be in their ...

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

In order to better align BC’s K-12 accountability processes, the Ministry of Education has afforded school districts the opportunity to create new frameworks for enhancing student...

BC's New Curriculum

Please go to the link: https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca to see some of the exciting changes to our Provincial Curriculum.