Our Focus

Year 3 of our Social Responsibility Focus: (2018-2019) - Ourselves, Our Community

Having firmly established our school acronym of T.I.G.E.R.S. we wanted to our students to build on their sense of personal identitly, cultural identity and social responsibilty, but this year our focus was on connecting students to their community. What is a community? What kinds of communities do Tait students belong to?

 We began our first Family Teams activity of the year iidentifying and investigating the various types of communites important to our students:

• Our Classroom Community

• Our School (Tait) Community

• Our Neighborhood Community

• Our Richmond Community



The focus this year was looking from how we can make sure that we, ourselves, are healthy to how can we help a larger community improve, thrive, and prosper. Students and staff identified ways members of the Tait community can have a positive impact on the school community. As a school community, we asked, 'What can students contribute individually and collectively to improve our school'? Identifiying ways individuals can help our school community by using the Tait T.I.G.E.R.S. acronym was a clear focus for us. Later in the 2018-2019 school year students and staff worked together in Family Teams to identify ways members of the school could have a positive impact on the community of Richmond and the the collective area of Greater Vancouver.



Year 4 of our Social Responsibilty Focus: (2019-2020) Impact on Our World

Over our 3 year journey, we focused on how we could be Tait 'T.I.G.E.R.S.' in several ways:

1. Focusing on how we can care for ourselves and develop Values that will help us produce positive experiences for ourselves and others

2. Focusing on how we can care for ourselves and how we can care for others in our school and our families (2017/18)

3. Focusing on how we care for others and positively impact our larger community: Tait School, Tait Neighbourhood, The City of Richmond and the Greater Vancouver Area (2018/2019)


In our final year of our School Story Social Responsibility Focus (2019-2020), students and staff in our school focused on how each of us could have a positive impact in our country and/or our world. At the start of the year, students met in Family Teams and reviewed our T.I.G.E.R.S. acronym, focusing on the values each letter represented. Teams addressed how each member of our school could apply each value within our school and in our community. Our Social Responsiobility Committee made up of members of our staff met with our Richmond School District Social Responsibility Team and designed three different Family Teams days to help all students and staff at Tait refresh our understanding of our T.I.G.E.R.S acronym, review the accomplishments we had achieved in our school and the community of Richmond, and to set a focus for the Spring of 2020. In classrooms in the January, February and March of 2020, students and teachers worked together to think of ways they could have a positive impact on our country and the world. The hard work over these months was to culminate with a Family evening on March 12th, 2020. All families were invited to our 'Open House' on March 12th and the turnout was tremendous. Students projects were displayed throughout the school. Each Student presented their work for 30 minutes to other students, guests and their family. Students took time to answer questions and listen to thoughtful comments and questions. After students finished their own presentation, they had a chance to move about the school and see the work created by their peers. This evening was a huge success as it gave students an opportunity to share their ideas and it brought students, parents and staff together as a community of learners.