Numeracy Focus - Year 1 - Using the 'Spirals of Inquiry' to Guide Our Thinking

In Year 1 of our new Numeracy Focus, the Robert J. Tait Staff used the 'Spirals of Inquiry' Framework. In each classroom and at each grade level, staff used the steps in the Spirals of Inquiry Framework, of: Scanning; Focusing; Developing a Hunch; Learning; Taking Action; and Checking/Reviewing. We wanted to know more about what were strengths in Numeracy for our students and what were 'stretches' or challenges for our students. We wondered why we saw some results and what we could do to support and stengthen some areas. Our ultimate goal was to help our students feel more confident about learning mathematics and for them to have a Growth Mindset towards developing Numeracy skills.  


Robert J. Tait Staff used the Spirals of Inquiry framework to guide us in learning more about our students' Numeracy skills. Throughout the 2020-2021 school year at monthly staff meetings, the Robert J. Tait Staff met for 15 minutes to share what they had learned about their students' Numeracy skill development. Sometimes staff met in grade level groups, sometimes in Primary or Intermediate classroom groups and sometimes as an entire staff group. The sharing and collaboration among teachers and Educational Assistants at Staff Meetings helped to plan lessons and activities that could support student Numeracy Development in the coming month. This year really was a year of learning and trying new strategies for students and staff.

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021