Where We're From

In June 2017, during our Grade 7 Gradustion Assembly, two of our students, Hadiya Bhalloo and Elvin Allado demonstrated how our Tait T.I.G.E.R.S. values were becoming internaized by our students.

Where We’re From - A Collective Poem Co-written by the Grade 7s of Division 2 with Mr. Janz 

Presented by Hadiya Bhalloo and Elvin Allado 

We are from the heart warming smiles 

of our friends, teachers and fellow Taiters 

that greet us each day 

To the smiles we give back along the way. 

“The World is a rainbow”. 

We are from our wild imaginations 

Making princesses come to life 

And the start of new friendships. 

We are from learning new things 

From the natural world, to simple machines and famous people. 

We are from eggs to little coho fries. 

That spark of electricity that inspires. 

We are from the pumpkin patch, splashdown, the aquarium and more 

Exploring calm waters at centennial beach 

And the colourful t-shirts worn to Garry Point 

From new places, new experiences 

We all do together. 

We are from squeaks in band concerts and missed free throws, 

From the times we fall 

To the next, when we rise once again. 

From friends and teachers who have propped us up 

Bringing us closer. 

We are from the memories of Kawkawa 

Strengthening friendships and showing courage 

From tipping over kayaks… Kerplunk 

From tadpoles, chatty cabins, dirt cups and wood-fired pizza 

To the campfires, telling stories and laughing at nothing. 

We are from that TIGERS acronym 

Striving to be a better person each day. 

Thoughtful, inclusive, generous 

Eco-friendly, Responsible and safe. 

Valuable traits we will apply in all our years to come. 

We are from spirit videos that fill the air with laughter 

Everlasting smiles that light up the screen. 

We look forward as we remember these journeys 

This rollercoaster we just can’t get off 

Shows a bright future ahead. 

We soon will be amongst unfamiliar walls 

New faces 

All eager to see who we are, where we’re from 

And we’ll proudly say that we are 

Tait Tigers!

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021