On our Last Pro-D Day on June 29th, we met as a staff to discuss where we are at and how we need to proceed next year. It was decided that we felt our students have had a good introduction to the new Tait values, but that this year we want to go deeper. This year is the second year of our commitment to the ACT program so the lessons in the classrooms will continue. We are also committed to continuing the Family Teams lessons, but we want them to shift to a more student-centered approach for 2017-2018. We want to develop activities where the students will still work cooperatively, but instead of us telling them which aspect of our acronym they are learning about, we want the students to complete an activity and then tell us how it connects to our Tait values.

We also want our students to become the communicators of our values in the future. Building on the Core Competency of Communication, we would like our students to be the instruments for sharing what they are learning with their parents and the community. We would like them to be involved in writing newsletters or memos to their parents, uploading evidence of our progress to our school website being able to verbalize what it means to be a TAIT TIGER.

And finally, after our recent building envelope project we were left with a blank canvas at the front of our school. This year we plan to fill this space with a mural that represents who we are at Tait.

An exciting whole-school project for the 2017 -2018 year!