A Brief Description of Tait

Robert J. Tait Elementary School was built in 1955 as a primary annex to Bridgeport Elementary School (which used to be on the corner of Sexsmith and Airport Way). The Tait community is a small but vibrant  community bordered by business, industry, the north arm of the Fraser River, and the tangled web of highways connecting Richmond with Vancouver and beyond. The catchment area includes a mixture of single family dwellings, many of which have been built within the last decade, as well as multi-family townhome complexes.

Tait School was named for Mr. Robert J. Tait who owned a series of pioneer farmsteads in East Richmond from 1895 until 1920. Mr. and Mrs. Tait (Jessie) had seven children - four sons and three daughters. The property on which the school is located was lived on and operated by one of his sons- Buck Tait. Mr. Robert John Tait was for several years a member of the Richmond Municipal Council and was also active in provincial and federal politics. For the last ten years of their lives, the Taits lived in Marpole where they built and managed the Marpole Theatre!

Tait School began inauspiciously as a two room school for primary grades only.  Since the mid-seventies, it has undergone many changes to become the architecturally and spiritually beautiful and complete elementary school that it is today where teachers, parents, and support staff work together to provide a safe, supportive, and academically stimulating environment for the children we share. in 2006, Tait celebrated it's 50th Anniversary in style during its annual Community BBQ.

Currently, Tait’s enrollment is 215 students from 197 families. We represent more than 30 nationalities. There is an active Parent Advisory Council which organizes  food days, a variety of fund-raising activities, emergency preparedness projects, and cooperates with the staff to plan a family/staff barbeque held in June and a ‘sweet start’ to the year celebration.

Tait staff includes 1 Administrator, 10 FTE classroom teachers, 4 support teachers, 6 educational assistants, 1 area counsellor, 1 speech and language pathologist, 1 educational psychologist, 1 teacher for the hearing impaired, 1 community health nurse, 1 Administrative Assistant, 1 full time custodian, a part time custodian and 3 noon-hour supervisors.